MaitraTech helps a major US West coast city to implement Customer Digital Identity Verification.


San- Francisco

MaitraTech has been a leader in providing leading edge solutions to consumers since 2010.
MaitraTech brings knowledge and technical know how to execute the projects on time and in budget.The Major US city was looking for a partner to build a digital identity verifier for their customer Portal . Their major goals were to have a secured solution which could be reused enterprise wide.
MaitraTech was able to partner along with the client to provide Improvements to fraud prevention and identification and helped them to reduce the volume of facility fraud cases and manual intervention.

The challenge

City needed a digital identity verification solution
that would allow customers to process
application online in a fast and easy way, but that
would also help their organization with Know
Your Customer (KYC) compliance and fraud

The outcome

They integrated design and solution was used
to achieve compliance, reduce fraud, and
onboard more new customers online, quickly.
They were better able to fulfill the city promise
to enable customers to process applications
immediately and compliant.




While there are many different approaches to achieve digital verification of identities. We designed 3
layered approach. We brought cognitive search, aggregation and automation capabilities to the
enterprise identity verification solution.
The solution digitized the process value chain while ensuring regulatory adherence. The solution
rollout helped the city to improve content management and accelerate processing time by leveraging
machine learning , semantic Web technology tools and natural language processing-based cognitive
Heres how Maitratech digital identity verification solved the multiple challenges:

  • Integrating to enterprise identity store, which manages the customers identity profile
  • AI verification using facial recognition software using Omni channels like Mobile, onsite camera
  • Once the AI gives a verdict on the validity of documents, Live people give a once over to check for
    false positives. So when a customer enters in a credit card number before it is processed the
    customer is asked to verify their identity via the digital verification service provider


Digital Identity Verification not only aided their organization in reducing friction and speeding up the
verification process to service more customers immediately, but the solution also helped them to fulfill
regulatory requirements in each territory they do business, at the point of customer on boarding.