MaitraTech helps major US cities to accelerate its vision for a game-changing mobile apps that decreases processing times and provides new levels of service to customers.



MaitraTech has been a leader in providing leading edge solutions to consumers since 2010. MaitraTech brings knowledge and technical expertise on how to execute the projects on time and in budget. Maitratech helped major US cities to deliver mobile based solution to citizens and employees for smooth functioning of various online services.

The challenge

One of the key challenge Maitratech took to provide city government to implement online permit generation on web and mobile as well as making sure to implement end to end solution with all the backend operations. Some of the backed operations such as following up on application for e-permit, uploading pictures, handling and scheduling inspections using mobile app.

The outcome

Maitratech helped major US cities to implement mobile app based handling of most backend operations. It enables faster services and status update to the citizens of cities. As a leader in the industry, the company’s competitive advantage is in its ability to provide a a superior customer experience via a comprehensive suite of integrated services, industry leading cycle times and easy to use application software.



Given the evolution of the mobile app and the constraints of the city’s internal IT team, the decision was made to outsource the mobile app rebuild effort to a different software development company, Maitratech. Maitratech specializes in the custom development of complex line of business applications and mobile apps.

Maitratech developed mobile application for various platforms such as windows, Android and iOS, Also mobile app is integrated with web application to deliver same functionalities over mobile devices.


This initiative was and has been extremely successful, primarily for the following three reasons.

City’s decision to invest in a mobile app was based on achieving the goals of a broader, more comprehensive, and well-planned business strategy. As such, many of the traditional hurdles relative to a project’s success, such as people issues, processes and change management were already being addressed.

City’s Internal team now using mobile solution to run backend activities like tracking and attending scheduled inspections of e-permits, uploading pictures and status of inspections, giving feedback online.