MaitraTech helps SMECO Corp. moving from a traditional on premise application to AWS cloud platform



MaitraTech has been a leader in providing leading edge solutions to consumers since 2010. MaitraTech brings knowledge and technical expertise on how to execute the projects on time and in budget. The Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative is an electric distribution cooperative which is headquartered in Hughesville, Maryland. SMECO serves approximately 161,000 customers in Calvert, Charles, Prince George’s, and St. Mary’s counties of southern Maryland. SMECO Corp. was looking for a partner to migrate their Utility Portal from on premise infrastructure to Cloud based solution. MaitraTech was able to provide smooth and seemless migration to AWS portal along with all the user data and configuration migration to AWS cloud platform.

The challenge

SMECO wanted to migrate their existing applications from on premise server to AWS cloud. SMECO applications consists of both internal and external web applications with database backends, Weblogic server, CC&B server. Maitratech had to make sure that migration should be smooth without affecting any existing application functionality and user experience.

The outcome

SMECO appreciated the depth of knowledge and attention that Maitratech was able to apply to support their needs. They saw the benefits of the AWS cloud for their IT infrastructure needs. Due to SMECO’s existing Applications, AWS proved to be advantageous as the applications and databases could run on IaaS and their CI/CD deployment tools inherently integrated to AWS.



SMECO wanted to migrate their Development and Test environments ahead of their Production environment to ensure a smooth migration from the on premise server to AWS cloud. They also stipulated that they did not want their developers to develop on a different platform from production but wanted the possibility to start testing their applications on AWS infrastructure, as the end goal is to run all applications on IaaS.

A Proof of Concept test was carried out and it was agreed that the AWS platform provided a very strong case for itself due to the fact that the SMECO applications run on Oracle weblogic server which is ideal for AWS’s IaaS offering, Application Services, as well as Oracle Database setup.

Templated environments for all flavours of IaaS and PaaS allows SMECO to deploy complex infrastructure with one click. This way they can smoothly migrate what they have today and start enabling their applications for running production environments on IaaS infrastructure.


SMECO have successfully moved from a long-term contract of static infrastructure to an elastic ‘pay for what you use’ model. Licensing and management are also included in the cost of the infrastructure with even more savings, both in terms of cost and administration. Applications now run on a future-proof infrastructure, which enables development on the latest technology. AWS solution is easy for them to monitor performance and scaling UP when they see increasing number of the users.

The migration has empowered developers to provision infrastructure stacks quickly and easily, speeding up their development process and letting them innovate instead of waiting for resources, whilst at the same time segregating development and production stacks in a rigid permission structure.